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Chiropractic Physician



Originally from a small town called Obrovac (Croatia), Dr. Nikola Gagic moved to the United States in 1998 to begin a new journey after being forced to leave his homeland due to the war occurring at the time. A local to Palm Beach Gardens, Dr. Gagic has many ties into the community that he grew up in. Graduating from Florida Atlantic University in 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, Dr. Gagic spent 10+ years interning and working in the strength & conditioning field with many athletes of all levels and ages at Cressey Sports Performance. During this time he was exposed to many different styles of training and how to implement them with a thorough assessment; as well as Sports Rehabilitation methods and therapies under direct supervision of Manual Therapists and Physical Therapists. This experience gave him the drive to further his education in the field. Dr. Gagic has also been involved in many sports such as soccer and lacrosse. Having a minor time in Division 1 soccer athletics at Florida Atlantic University, a knee injury sidelined Dr. Gagic and in return this grew his experience in the sports injury rehabilitation category. After spending a season or so in semi-professional soccer Dr. Gagic decided to focus more on his career and participate in local recreational leagues. Dr. Gagic is also a very active weightlifter along with the weekly recreational soccer leagues.

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Chiropractic Treatment

This refers to the chiropractic manipulation/adjustment. Dr. Gagic is a licensed Chiropractic Physician trained to perform adjustment safely and effectively. 

Shown to increase mobility and decrease pain.

Exercise Prescription

One of the most effective "tools" we can use to help a lot of the issues we experience can be helped by adding just a few exercises to our daily routine. 

Dr. Gagic can assist and guide you in order to make sure these exercises are being done correctly by offering 1-on-1 coaching or distance programming.


Many modalities can be used to help treat a variety of issues we may have.

A few of the many we have to take advantage of are: Low Level Light Therapy, Ultrasound Therapy, STIM Therapy, Massage Guns, Adjuster tool, etc. 

Auto Injury

Injured in an auto accident?

Dr. Gagic is well qualified to handle these injuries.

Cupping Therapy & IASTM Tools

IASTM or "Instrumental Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization" tools are stainless steel tools used to break up scar tissue adhesions, increase blood flow, and increase range of motion.

Cupping Therapy: multiple styles of cupping used in order to decrease pain and increase range of motion.

Manual Tissue Therapy

This treatment involves different styles and techniques Dr. Gagic has acquired over the years specializing in manipulating muscle and connective tissue.

Sports Injuries

Whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior, recreational athlete, or regular gym goer, the lingering injuries, no matter how minor, can always stop us from playing. Dr. Gagic can help keep you in the game.


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I had an absolutely incredible experience with Dr. Gagic, and I cannot recommend him enough! From the moment I walked into his office, I felt welcomed and at ease. The receptionist was warm and friendly, and Dr. Gagic himself was incredibly knowledgeable and professional. He took the time to listen to all of my concerns and answered all of my questions in a way that was easy to understand. During my adjustment, he was gentle and made sure that I was comfortable at all times. After just a few visits, I noticed a significant improvement in my mobility and a decrease in my pain levels. If you are looking for a chiropractor who truly cares about his patients and has the skills to back it up, look no further than Dr. Gagic!
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